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Preparing for your maternity session

  1. Think about under garments, and what wardrobe items you're planning on wearing for your session. I recommend to bring a set of white, black and nude to give you options. Your under garments may show with some outfits and they may be a main part of other outfits, it all depends on what outfits you're planning on using. If you're not sure if something will work please ask me!

  2. If you're doing in studio photos your feet will be captured, please have dad bring CLEAN nice shoes or be prepared to take off your socks!

  3. Don't stress, it is my job to tell you how to pose/stand, if you want a pose please let me know but you don't have to do anything in preparation for the session in regards to posing, that's my job.

  4. For dad's outfit, you want something that will compliment/go with everything. I recommend light brown pants with a white or light coloured shirt, nothing too busy that's going to distract from the main focus (the bump). Remember those these are your photos and you also want to look and feel like you.

  5. If you want more intimate photos please let me know. I know everyone has a different comfort level with the amount of skin they want to show, I'm not going to ask if you want implied nudity in your images or for dad to go shirtless, I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable so if this is a direction you'd like to go please let me know.

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