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Examples of a Newborn Session with Jennifer

Updated: Mar 7

The most import thing for me is that you're happy and you love your experience with me and that you love your images. There are an abundance of newborn photographers in the Durham Region and Oshawa area and while I am one of the top rated, most experienced and more known, I do not want you to hire me unless you love my work and trust me and my process. To help you make the most informed decision I want to show you what a typical gallery looks like when you book a session with me.

Baby is my boss and my goal is to always keep baby as happy and comfortable as possible and I DO NOT and WILL NOT force them into any positions they do not want to be in. As a result I may not accommodate certain pose requests, if there is something you want please check with me before booking. I also have a specific work flow that I go work through which provides me with the best results, allows me to work as fast as possible so you can get home and be new parents, and most importantly that keeps baby as happy as possible.

This is an example of my "Swaddled Mini Session". These are some of the images this family selected out of 93 options. Baby is Swaddled in all the images.

If you selection one of the other 2 packages they include posed photos where baby's diaper may come off. Below are some examples of those poses. The regular session (middle package I only attempt 2 specific naked poses and have an additional prop image) Please if you have any questions or need more clarity reach out!

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