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Family Session Prep Guide

Updated: May 30

Family sessions are easy, there's not much you need to do beside getting dressed and showing up! Here are just a couple tips incase you're feeling nervous or unsure of what to do, which is totally normal, most people do not find it natural having their photos taken! The goal is to have fun, relax, and capture your family's love.

  1. This most important thing is to relax, if you're stressing about the perfect photo your little ones are going to feel that. If you trust me and the process your little ones are going to have fun, I promise. Seriously most of the time the kids want to stay longer. It's my job to get them engaged and to look at the camera, it's your job to show up and relax. I always explain this at the session but if you're trying to get your kid to smile and look at the camera, you're going to be looking at your kid and pointing at me in the photos. Most of my photos are about you interacting and I will tell you to look at the camera if that's what I want, if not just keep looking and interacting with your family. Don't worry I'll explain that again at your session and I will give you all the promps.

  2. Outfits - I recommend that the family member, who has the most difficult time shopping/finding something they like, pick an outfit they feel comfortable and good in (for my family I am that person) and then coordinating the rest of the family around that outfit. I aim for complimentary colours not overly match-y. My personal favourite is more earthy colours for myself and my family, but I also love white and lighter pastel colours (I personally can not pull those colours off but they photograph beautifully) I recommend avoiding neon colours, or super distracting patterns. Remember though the point of family photos is to capture your family as you are. You need to look and feel like you!

  3. I usually bring and have blankets in my car but if you have one you like and want to use please bring it.

Serious that's it! Minus hair ties on your wrist and things in pockets, but I check for those at your session!

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