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Preparing for your Cake Smash Session

1. Introduce cake before your session, place a cupcake or full cake in front of them for a practice run. Also helps to rule out any issues with food (allergies/upset stomach from too much sugar)

2. If they don't like to get messy they won't get messy with the cake. Let them have some messy sensory play before the session, eating yogurt with their hands. Playing with taste safe paint.

3. If your little one doesn't like to touch food please bring a wooden spoon, or bring one just in case.

4. It's also a great idea to bring something they do like to stick in the back of the cake if they're not interested in the cake.

5. Most little ones will cry, bring things that make them happy or bring them comfort.

6. If you're doing the full smash with a bath please bring a towel.

7. Parents will get messy so be prepared with extra clothes for everyone.

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