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COVID Precautions

Due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Jennifer MacCallum Photography is doing everything possible to protect you, our clients, and our community. To this extent, Jennifer MacCallum Photography will be following the Ontario Health Services guidelines with regard to social distancing

practices, safety precautions when social distancing is not possible, and sanitation. We ask that our clients do a self assessment before entering the studio and to wear mask while their photo is not being taken. SELF ASSESSMENT

Jennifer MacCallum Photography is following these enhanced procedures to prevent the spread

of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) :

- Sanitizing all touched surfaces after each session with high quality products, following the manufacturer's instructions for use.

- Everything that touches a baby or is worn by a mother is washed after each use and immediately placed back into the studio.

- As my studio space is on its own floor in the house, none of my family members enter the shooting area.

- My family has been practicing social distancing, and no one has any symptoms nor have we travelled out of the country. I do self assessments and will cancel/reschedule sessions if anyone in my family is experiencing symptoms and I ask that my clients do the same.

- Required hand sanitizing before entering the studio and before leaving, my hands are sanitized frequently throughout the session.

- Masks are required by everyone until it is time to have their photo taken.

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