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About Me

Hey, I'm Jennifer/Jen! I've had a camera in my hands since I was about five. Now I have 2 wonderful daughters, and while I love to capture their personalities, they've developed what is known as "photographer child syndrome" so in 2016 I started capturing special moments and memories for families around the Durham Region.  I absolutely love what I do and I love meeting so many wonderful families in Durham, it gives me such joy to be apart of peoples lives in such an important way. It is so important to me to capture connection and love in my photographs in a timeless way so you can enjoy your memories for years to come. I love telling people to get in the photos and to print their photos, to me it's so important. One of my favourite things to do with my daughters is to look through all our family photo albums, they love seeing and hearing stories about their lives and they love seeing me apart of those memories too.


I'm also super impatient and I can't stand having projects that need to be finished so I deliver all my clients photos within 3 business days! If you think we'd be a perfect fit for preserving your memories I'd love to hear from you!

Some Random Facts:

1. I love cows and would have one as a pet if I could.

2. I really like Doctor Who and Firefly, so if you do too, we should probably talk about how                                                                        amazing David Tennant is and how much Fox sucks. 

3. Tom Petty <3


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